Wednesday, September 21, 2005

August 23, 2005

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Wake up at 6:30 am, for an early start up the coast, I have done 378 paddle miles so far during the trip from Lund. I hear a strange noise, the tent is rustling in the wind. The morning are usually calm and the wind does not pick up till 10 am. As I paddle out the wind is from the NW and gusting strong. The wind has been from the SE the last few days, I wonder if this is what Boas was talking about. Maybe I will get 4 days of calm weather after this. I only make it 10 miles that day because the wind is so strong.
At camp that night I hear a deep eerie hollow resonance sound like a church organ pipe. The forest spirits were playing with my over active imagination. I decided to find out what was making the sound. What I found was a 150’ tall old snag that hollows in it. The wind was blowing past the hollows in the trees and forming a giant wind instrument. I am now trying to figure out how I can build one and install it on top of a tree.


Mary Lou said...

What a gorgeous place! It was wonderful to visit Chris in Bella Bella, but also a bit of a "reality check". Only after flying in to that faraway place, and touring the local waters by motorboat, did I fully understand the remoteness of this area.

The Power of Crystals said...

Wow! That 'singing tree' sounds fantastic! I am really enjoying your blog- that picture of looking out of the tent to the wet forest is so familiar to me, having spent many years living in Ketchikan. Thanks for taking the time to document this trip!