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August 26, 2005

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33 Paddle Miles to the Hotsprings

From Barnard Harbor I traveled up Whale Cannel in a constant down pour of rain that would occasionally give into a light drizzle. The good part was that there was no wind at all till noon. Whale Channel is aptly named, I saw several Humpback Whales and one even breached. It is an amazing site to see something the size of a school bus levitate itself out of the water. They must be traveling at an incredible speed, I wonder how they keep from running into or landing on boats. As I rounded Nelly Point and started into MaKay Reach I saw a pod of Porpoise playing in the eddy currents and an Ospray flew overhead with a fish in its talons.

I was determined to make it to the Hot Springs on that day even though it was going to be a long day, 33 miles. The Weather Gods had some fun with me as I passed the North end of Fraser Reach. I had to battle 3 foot standing waves and gusting winds as they came out of the Reach. By the time I reached the Hot Springs it was 7 pm and I was whooped, I had just paddled 11 hours. There was three sport fishermen there, Ivar, Floyd and Collin who were from Saskatchewan. It is a small world, they even new people in the town of Blane Lake where my Grandparents lived. Well, that almost made me family so they invited me to join them for dinner. Ahhhh, it was great to eat someone else’s cooking. A hot dinner and a soak in the Hot Springs made the long day of paddling worthwhile. My hands were worse for wear, they now looked like prunes from all the rain.

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