Wednesday, September 21, 2005

August 30 - 31, 2005

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I traveled up Greenville Passage a few miles and then took a left into Union Passage, a narrow estuary that would bring me to Squally Channel and the south end of Pitt Island. As I paddled down to the south tip of Pitt I saw no signs of Hank and Carolyn’s boat, I
guess that they were to far away to make it back. I found a little beach where I could make camp and had a late lunch. 45 minutes later I see a small red boat, it’s them, I wave my yellow jacket like crazy till they see me and then paddle out to see them.

It is great to see some friends, it’s been weeks since I’ve seen anyone I knew except ML in Shearwater. Hank and Carolyn spoil me with shrimp, pasta, wine, wild huckleberry tart for dessert and to top it all off a dry bed to sleep in. Hank I spend hours talking about Northwest Formline Art in the dry cabin as it rains outside. The next morning they ship me off with a good breakfast and I head off around the South tip of Pitt Island and up Principe Channel. At the end of the day I camp all the way back in a small inlet called Buchan Inlet. This was the only spot that I had found in the last 2 hours that resembles a flat space. And of course, more RAIN.

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