Wednesday, September 21, 2005

August 25, 2005

The fog had blown out of the inlet and now covered my island. As I paddled out I was treated to an incredible but subtle display of morning light and fog as I went between miniature islands. The light was sliding between the low clouds and the mountains of Princess Royal Island and playing with the flowing fog.

Originally uploaded by Au_Kalan.

From there I traveled North up Campania Sound and into Barnard Harbor for my next camp. I expected the harbor to be another secluded and empty camp. How wrong I was, as I entered the harbor a float plane flew 40 feet over my heat and a sport fishing boat went roaring by. As I paddled into the bay I was greeted by the site of a giant floating deluxe hotel / fishing resort. It had 3 float planes at the dock, 20 fishing sport boats, a floating septic tank and a helicopter for the guest to go site seeing. I bet the guests don’t even touch the fish they catch. It was quite the shock after being alone for so many days. Safe to say that I kept my distance from the monster.

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