Wednesday, September 21, 2005

September 2, 2005

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2 ¼ inches of rain last night!!!!! My cook pot is full of water and overflowing. No wonder everything I have is wet, I’ve have had rain everyday for the last 18 days. I pack the boat and decide that I am going to Oona River today and stay at B&B to get dry. I paddle 35 miles and arrive around dinnertime.
I find the most wonderful B&B run by Jan and Mike Lemon. They take me in and treat me like family, starting with a huge steaming bowl of seafood stew full of halibut and Dungeness crab. Everyone sits around and we talk to 10:30 and then I take a hot shower and get to sleep in a warm, dry , cotton sheet bed.

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Mary Lou said...

I was so glad to get Chris' phone call from the Oona River dock, and happy to know that he would finally have a chance to dry out!