Wednesday, September 21, 2005

August 27, 2005

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Spend the day at the Spa.

The winds had picked up, or so I had convinced myself, so I spent another day at the Hot Springs. I tried to dry out some clothing but it was 110% humidity and it just seemed to get wetter as it hung on the line.

Bishop Bay Hot Springs are great. It has a dock to land at, wooden boardwalks that lead to campsites, a shelter, and the springs. There are 3 tubs at the springs, the hottest in covered and the next one is out on a wood deck overlooking the bay. The third is a little one that is for bathing in, it felt so good to scrub myself clean. They are very secluded, you can only reach them by boat and the closest town is over 60 miles away. It is an amazing sanctuary in the wilderness. To top it all off, Humpback whales were feeding in the bay for hours every evening and morning.

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