Wednesday, September 21, 2005

August 24, 2005

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Another early start to make up for yesterday’s short day due to the wind. I kayaked up Laredo Channel between Aristazaball Island and Princess Royal Island. This is an exposed part of the coast that has a rock wall coastline and is open water to Hecate Straight. The rocky coastline has very few coves or inlet and no beaches for camping. I needed a day of calm winds to do this stretch and I got it, those Kwakiutl knew what they were talking about.
As I kayaked along the cliffs I saw two foot long orange/red tentacles climbing the seaweed covered rock wall. It was an octopus that was after something tasty. Once it noticed me it slithered back into the sea. Gave me the creeps, made me think of Captain Nemo and Nautilus and the giant squid. It made me want to turn around and see if anything was slithering up the back of my kayak.

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