Wednesday, September 21, 2005

September 1, 2005

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Trapped in the inlet by the incoming tide that is causing a Tidal Rapid an a narrow constriction of the inlet. I have to wait till the tide slows down, at 10:58 am I am able to power through and start the day of paddling. While I wait I have time to think……Feels good to be near the end of the trip, winding down, thinking about seeing ML, hot showers, shaving, dry clean cotton clothing. I decide what I want to eat first, roast chicken or pizza.

More rain and wind as I go up Principle Channel and turn into a protected waterway between Anger Island and Pitt Island. That night I find a marginal campsite, I have to pull out my saw to cut driftwood so I have enough space for the tent. I leave my cook pot outside the tent just to find out how much rain I would get over night.

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