Wednesday, September 21, 2005

August 16, 2005

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Kayaking Northwest

Mary Lou took the 8:30 am ferry to Bella Bella where the airport was. I was strange to be sitting on the dock by myself and watching her go away. I have just had four days with her and I don’t think I could not of finished the trip without her.

As I kayaked along the shore an old motorboat pulled out from a house on the water. The elderly lady gave me a wave and took off. The boat suddenly turned to the right and started to do a high speed U-turn right back at the house and shore. The lady Ripple, quickly stopped her motor and I paddled over to her. It turns out that Ripple’s steering cable had broken and she was stranded. She was calling for help on her radio but she was afraid that she would be on the rocks before help could arrive. I offered to tow her back to her dock, she looked quite skeptical at me in the kayak as she tossed me the rope. I was able to tow her back to her dock but she was mortified that the neighbor had come out to see her being towed by a tourist in a kayak. We all had a good laugh and I headed on my way.


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