Saturday, July 30, 2005

July 30 - ALERT BAY

I have made it to Alert Bay!!!! I'm spending the day stocking up and getting ready to head out tomorrow - July 31st.

Time is short, so is this entry

I want to thank all the wonderful and friendly people of Sayward who helped me on my travels

Kayakers - Stay out of Telegraph Cove, it was a nightmare for me

As bad as Telegraph Cove is, Alert Bay is wonderful (That ying-yang thing)
Totem Poles, Long Houses, Museums, Carvers, friendly people.

A full rendition of my travels will be entered at a later date

My next entry should be in about two weeks from Bella Bella

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Vincent B. Harris said...

Dear Chris -
Your trip sounds wonderful so far. I'm certain Telegraph Cove was difficult, but, of course, that kind of adventure makes the trip thrilling. How was the current acting, against or with the wind? Good luck, good paddling, we're awed by your effort.
DAD Harris