Tuesday, July 26, 2005

July 19, The first paddle strokes of the trip

I take my first paddle strokes north, this is the start of my 2-month adventure. It is hard to believe that I will by kayaking for two months up the Inside Passage of BC.

( http://www.nwboat.com/refuge/ )

OKEOVER INLET - start from the government dock and say my goodbyes to Mary Lou, and paddle NW under cloudy skies and wind from the NW. The weather clears to sun and light breezes as I exit the Okeover Inlet and cross Desolation Sound to my first camp on a saddle between the two Martin Island. Unpack the boat, what was I thinking, I have way to much stuff, books, cooking stove and pots, food, carving tools, camping supplies. I need to organize and repack stuff, well I got two months to figure that out. Go for a swim, Desolation Sound has warm water, what a treat.

July 20, Teakerne Waterfalls
Wind has blown all night. Paddle over to Refuge Cove to give Mary Lou her first of many phone calls from the trip.
From there I kayak over to Teakerne Waterfall Prov. Park, dock I hike up a short trail to the lake where I go swimming for an hour in crystal clear warm water, this may be my only warm water swim of this trip. Camp about 1/2 km away on a small rock outcrops and watch the sunset over the water.
On the way in today I paddled around a corner of rock and found myself 10 feet away from a seal and her pup. They just watched me go by with there big black eyes. I don't think I scared them to much, they were still sitting on the rocks when I looked back from 30 m away.

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