Friday, July 15, 2005

Kayaking the San Juan Islands

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Anacortes, WA to Sidney, BC. Canada
June14 to 17, 2005

June 14th, Anacortes to Orcas Island. Worked again last night, twas another busy 24 hours. I drove up to Mt. Vernon after work and had breakfast at the bakery. The bakery has a book store attached to it and it was open this time. One of my weaknesses is books, I ended up with 4 new ones; Darwin – Origin of Species, Dante’s – Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. Maybe I will have time on the trip to read them.
I launched from the Anacortes State Park, cross the Bellingham Channel to Reef Point on Cypress Island and then over to Strawberry Island where I had lunch. There are nesting Orange billed Oyster Catchers on the island. If you sit still they ignore you and stay quiet, but if they see you moving they set off in a horrible blast of BEEEE, BEEEE, BEEEEES. From there I crossed Rosario Straight to Blakely Island. There I was about twenty seals lazing on rock in the sunshine. Some of them would roll off the rocks as soon as they saw you, others would look at you and not move, as to say – I’m comfortable, go away. Spend the night at Obstruction Pass Park on Orcas Island.

June 15th, Orcas Island to Jones Island. Paddle over to Olga, Orcas Island for breakfast at the Olga Gallery and Café. This is an incredible store, all the art is from artist who live on the San Juan Islands. They have high quality, hand made paintings, pottery, books, glass, scarves and the list goes on. I picked up a gift for Mary Lou and headed back out. Kayaked west over Hartley Channel to Blind Island for lunch and then off to Jones Island to set up camp for the night.

Picture above is a sunset on the beach at the Jones Island camp site.

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