Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Leave my little Island early in hope of missing some of the wind, just more hopefully thinking. I cross Johnstone Straight in 15 knot winds and 2 to 3' waves. It was an epic battle but I make it across and then paddled up the coast of Vancouver Island to Camp Point where, you got it , I camped.

July 26 - 27, Sayward
On Tuesday morning I paddle the final 5 miles into Sayward where I am spending two days. The plan was to rest and stock up on supplies and head out on the morning of the 28th.

The wind has been picking up for the last two days, it had been holding at 15 to 25 mph which is Small Craft Advisory(15 mph) and Warning(25 mph). But tonight and tomorrow it is now GAIL FORCE (35 mph). I don't go out in that. Time to wait for the wind to change.

Is filled with wonderful people, from Cindy who runs the Burger Shack at the marina (I lost count of how many burgers I ate, they were that good) to "Sayward Jacquie" at the Sayward Futures Society on the warf. Jacquie, I hope you start your Blog and have fun with it.

This will be the last update till Alert Bay.

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Karen said...

Hey! Chin up. Think of it like hiking in the Northern Picketts! We miss you too and I'll be thinking calm wind thoughts!!! Karen