Friday, July 15, 2005


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June 16th, Jones Island to Sidney, BC Canada
6am, an early start from Jones Island because I had a long way to go that day, all the way to Canada. As I crossed Spieden Channel I encountered my first rip tides of the day, a short section of chop waves just where they are marked on the charts. The wind picked up as I approached Spieden Island so I had to paddle within 20 feet of the shore for protection. Spieden Island is private property that was set up 50 years ago as an African wildlife preserve. As I paddled along the edge of it I had the luck of seeing two Gazelles on the open meadows and two other African horned creatures sitting under some trees. I took a rest stop on Stuart Island where I found fresh river otter tracks on the beach.

HARO STRAIGHT is the crossing into Canada. It takes me two hours with the wind an currents to make it to the lighthouse on Rum Island, the most eastern point that is close to the American San Juans. This lighthouse has been the focus of this trip, as I pass it I know I have entered Canada. I took a break on Rum Island then paddled into Sidney BC where I caught the 4pm ferry back to Anacortes.

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