Sunday, August 14, 2005

July 28 to 31 - Alert Bay

I paddle into Alert Bay at on July 28th, so happy to be here. The people here are so friendly and helpful that I spend 4 days here. I go and see the Totem Poles, a traditional dance in a long house, Museum and spend time with the local carvers. Some of them are interested in the lost wax silver jewelry that I do. So I spend a fair amount of time explaining how it is done.
July 31, 2005

I paddle across Blackfish Sound where I get to see 8 Killer Whales and two Humpback Whales. What a thrill to see such large critters gliding through the water. I visit an abandoned native village, wonder around looking at some of the old poles from their houses and eating wild berries. I was going to camp there but as I found the campsite I noticed a giant pile of purple bear poop only 20' away. I then kayaked 4 miles to Mound Island where I set up camp.

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