Saturday, August 13, 2005

August 7, 2005 Dawson's Landing

I paddle from my white sand beach camp up Rivers Inlet to Dawson's Landing. For three hours as I paddle I have humpback whales feeding around be, I see them push their heads out of the water and strain the water out of their mouths to catch the mini fish they eat. I hear them constantly blowing the air out their blowholes. They never come closer than 100 yards.
Dawson’’s Landing is great, friendly people, grocery store, hot showers and they let me camp on their dock. All the building at Dawson’’s are built on floats, nothing in on the land. As I am cooking dinner on the floats the Humpback Whales come by and start feeding near the dock, they get as close as 30 yards. They are so close that I can hear them suck in the air through their blowholes, it sounds like a giant wind chamber. They spend over 2 hours feeding by the docks.
I met a retired couple from Bainbridge Island, they came over to visit since they had heard that I was from the Seattle area. They brought me two muffins for my breakfast. Their ship is called the Winship, they had designed it themselves and had it built in Tacoma. It is a very nice ship.

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