Friday, August 12, 2005

August 8, 2005 Dawson's Landing to Goldstream Harbor

August 8, Monday
Load the boat, it is a tricky thing to do from a dock, every time you shove something in a hatch the boat moves. I miss Mary Lou and try to call her again, no answers still. I eat the tasty muffins and paddle through fog for 10 miles out of Rivers Inlet to Fitzhough Inlet. I Love Fitzhough Inlet! The fog cleared, there was a light wind on my back, small waves and the tide was going in my direction. The next 16 miles to camp were the best of the trip so far.
As I am traveling up Fitzhough I meet Dave, 67 old, and still paddling from Bella Bella, around Cape Caution to Port Hardy. We pull over onto shore to talk for a while and compare notes on campsites. He has done this trip before, what he does is take the ferry from Port Hardy to Bella Bella with his kayak, then paddles back to his car in Port Hardy. Not bad for someone who looks like Fred Beckey.

Camp is hidden on a small beach in Goldstream Harbor under a cedar tree. Room enough for my one tent and a pair of kayaks at high tide. Check those tide charts - don’t want a surprise like I had on Camino Island. The best thing about the campsite is no bugs! I got to sit out and write notes and not a buzz, bite, whine or sting.
There is an old retrofitted tug boat in the bay called Union Jack, Vancouver BC. Looks pretty cool, I’m going to check it out in the morning.

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