Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bella Bella, I made it!!!!!! August 11, 2005

August 11, 2005
I have made it to Bella Bella on the BC Coast!

SORRY, No pictures, I'm in the bonnies out here. I will load the pictures when I'm back in civilization.

August 10, 2005
I find a beautiful small shell beach for a camp early in the early afternoon. I had time to sort, dry and clean all my gear, take a saltwater bath and sit in the sun and write in my journal. Later in the evening a couple from Vancouver showed up and shared there wine with me, I must of looked like I was having a hard time..........

August 11, 2005
Leave camp at 9am. 4 more people showed up last night, made it a bit crowded but a fun time was had. It was my largest send off in the morning, a whole 6 people to see me off. From there I paddled up the channel against the ebb tide, past the native town of Bella Bella to the white-manĂ‚’s Bella Bella, also known as Shearwater. The first thing I do is call Mary Lou. She is Home! She is flying out to Bella Bella tomorrow! I get to see my wife after 3 weeks of being alone. YEAH! I talk to Greg at the hotel, he has a room reserved for us tomorrow, but they are full tonight. I get one more day of camping, but now I get to take hot showers. Spend the evening just wandering around of dry land. So many people.
I feel like a highschool kid with a date, can't wait to see Mary Lou tomorrow.

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