Friday, August 12, 2005

August 9, 2005 Tug Boat Breakfast

I've been out for 3 weeks since I departed Lund, 260 paddle miles ago. 21 days of kayaking, camping, fishing and solitude.

On leaving my camp under the Cedar Tree I paddled by the old tug boat the Union Jack. I got talking to the chef, a guest and the Captain. What they have is a remodeled tug that sleeps 8 guests and 4 crew. They do 7 day fishing tours with deluxe food out of Bella Bella and Haida Guaii ( ). I was treated to two Chocolate Eclairs and four pieces of fresh fruit, what a treat.
From there (powered by eclairs) I crossed Hakai Passage and up Hunter Is to a small camp. Spirits in the Woods - That night around 9pm as it was getting dark strange drumming sounds started in the woods. The sounds would come from different directions across the bay at random times. The drumming itself was random without any rhythm or sequence. It did not sound like birds pecking, waves, or natural rhythm. What it did sound like was a baby with a drum that would beat on it occasionally to make noise, but had no since of rhythm. So the best I can figure is that it was the children of the forest spirits drumming on old hollow logs in the forest.

This is what I have come to call my Bear Pinata. I get to hang my food in a bag at night and hope the bear is not tall enough to open it up like a Pinata. Of course this brings up the question, if the bear can not get the food in the bag, what will he eat? (Me in the tent?)

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