Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hope Island Camp

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I made it to my first campsite on Hope Island around 8 pm. Set up camp, cook dinner (remember to pack waterproof matches) and went to sleep.

May 6th was a windy day, I cross Budd Inlet to the catch the ebb tide in Dana Passage. The wind is from the south so I put up my kite and go for a wild wind powered ride through the pass. I made camp on Anderson Island at 2:30 pm.

May 7th is was a long day, with and early start at 6am. Calm waters and light winds carried me to Defiance Park Zoo in Tacoma. There I was picked up by my good friends Caveman, Troll and the Princess. To celebrate the completion of my first leg of my journey they brought me out to Indochine, Seafood and Satay Bar – Wow, what a feast.

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Mary Lou said...

This turned out to be an important day for both of us. That morning I drove up to Whidbey Island and had my first look at the property that will be our future home. By mid-afternoon, I was leaving urgent messages on Chris' cell phone..."Call me! Call me! I think this is the place!"